Interview Check List


SCS wants to help you advance your career objectives. We in the process of helping candidates, to make the best possible impression on a prospective employer.

  • Come Prepared.
  • Research the Company.
  • Be Well Dressed and Properly Groomed.
  • Arrive 15 to 30 Minutes Early.
  • Exhibit Enthusiasm.
  • Appear Friendly and Outgoing.
  • Be Self-confident.
  • Come Prepared for Key Questions.
  • Establish Your Worth.
  • Know Your Key Strengths.
  • Provide Examples/Details.
  • Remain Attentive.
  • Don't Be Arrogant.
  • Be Positive about Previous Positions, Employers or Co-workers.
  • Clearly State Your Interest.
  • Know Your Objective and End with It.
  • Come Out with Thanks Giving Note.

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Interview Check List
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